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Canopy Prices

Twin Size: $260
Full Size: $270
Queen Size: $280
King Size: $310
Double Diamond Canopy

A) Double Diamond Canopy

This is our most popular and the one we regularly feature in Country Sampler Magazine.

Available for flat or arch canopy bed.
Single Diamond Canopy

B) Single Diamond Canopy

This is a good choice for those of you that want the diamond design but prefer a shorter drop.

Available for flat or arch canopy bed.
Large Scallop Canopy

C) Large Scallop Canopy

This is another popular design.

Available for flat or arch canopy bed.
Lover's Knot Canopy

D) Lover’s Knot Canopy

This has a full tasseled straight edge and has a simpler beauty all its own. Available in 12 inch drop with 3 rows of clusters (4 tassels) instead of 4.

Available for flat or arch canopy bed.
Margaret Winston Design

E) Margaret Winston Design

We now offer the lovely Margaret Winston Design. Available in 12 inch drop with 2 rows of clusters (4 tassels) of instead of 3.

Available for flat or arch canopy bed.
Straight Edge Diamond Canopy

F) Straight Edge Diamond Canopy

Available for flat or arch canopy bed.

Canopy for Other Beds

We can make the canopies to fit these beds. We will need to know if the finials or posts are not removable or if the diameter is over 3/4 inch. The canopies are hooked up so they will fit over the finials or posts. You can call our toll free number or type the information in the message box found on the order form. The canopy with no frame is held in place by 50# test fishing line. The line is placed on the outside of the bed posts and crisscrossed for support. The line would be where the measurements are taken for the canopy.

Available in Natural or White

Shorter 12” Drop

Canopy “drop” lengths are typically 13” to 15”. A Shorter 12” drop is available only on Single Diamond, Lover’s Knot and Margaret Winston.

Please note that the canopies are displayed here on a 60 inch tall bed. Most bed posts are substantially taller therefore the drop will not appear as long.
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